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Turn that Manuscript into the book you always dreamt it to be!

moonbownightWriting is a passion quite a lot of us nurture. For some, it is an outlet of internal emotions and perspective while for some it is the expression of one’s mind. It is a hobby for many while a burning passion for remaining few. And very few among those have the courage to pursue it as a career. For those writers who have a manuscript at hand know what a tedious task it is to get those piles of paper review. Manuscript submission is about as long and weary task as getting someone to read it initially. With Christian Manuscript submission, the entire process is simplified to a great extent.

How is it done?

The entire process of manuscript submission is conducted online reducing your effort and need to travel to and fro from your place.  To complete the Christian Manuscript Submission process, you will be asked to fill out blank boxes on their web page regarding your story that gives a brief idea about the story itself. There are 4 different boxes that need to be filled with 4 different categories of information. A blue help button at the top contains tips and descriptions of what has to be filled and how.

In the brief description box, a synopsis of the entire story has to be presented within 150 – 200 words.

In the credentials, platform and marketing box, you need to write why you see potential in your book and how it is going to attract reader in a short 50 – 75 words

In the expanded synopsis box, a brief description of the manuscript has to be given so that the editors can have enough information to evaluate the manuscript

At the end, Christian Manuscript Submission – Another option allows you to upload up to 3 chapters of the book.

Once all the information is given, you need to check out where you need to provide your personal information. Here the payment has to be made after which the manuscript is submitted.

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