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Steps to Get Your Book Published: The Real Procedure


There are various steps involved in getting your book successfully published. If you are looking forward for getting yours published as well, you will have to get through the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Meeting the agent

The first and foremost step towards publishing is to contact an agent like one at Christian literary agencies. It is best to contact a traditional publishing house that has access to various sources in the industry.

  • Signing the book contract

Once you have found the right agent for your book, you now need to sign a book contract. A book contract is referred to as an agreement between author and publisher, which is legal in nature. The book contract contains financial notes, a summary of obligations, rights of both the parties etc.

  • Familiarizing with the editors

After all, the contracts are signed and financial transactions are completed, you need to acquaint and socialize with the editorial department of your publishing house. The responsibility of this department is to focus on the content of the book- from start to end.

  • Working on the manuscript

Here is when the actual procedure starts. It is the first stage from where a manuscript starts converting into a book. The assigned editor of Christian literary agencies checks, filters, improve, correct and mold the content into the right form. Later, the author and editor work together to arrive on the final manuscript.

  • Production

The final manuscript is now forwarded to the production department of the publishing house. The production team focuses on design, layout, printing and other related activities. The final manuscript is sent to the copyeditor, who starts the actual production process.

  • Book packaging

It can be a crucial factor in deciding the success of your book. It is because most of the readers are attracted by the cover and minute details of the book. Consult your team to get the best layout and design according to the theme and genre of the book, and shape your book in the trendiest way.

  • Marketing strategy

Your book is now complete and ready to reach the readers. But before that, you along with your team need to decide on how to get your book to the media, bookstores, commercial sellers, consumers etc. This step, thus, marks the end of the real publication process.

Publishing your own book is not a dream anymore! The qualified professional team at Multnomah Waterbrook is there to assist you from the very first step until your book gets successfully published and becomes a hit in the market. If you want to get more details about the guidelines and other authors, you can visit

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